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    Electric logistics car production line
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  • 产品简介:

    Complete set Design and manufacture of Electric Logistics vehicle production Line Annual design capacity: ≥ 60,000


  • Name: Electric logistics express car assembly line

    Applicable: four-wheel electric express car, ordinary electric car

    Design capacity: 30JPH

    Site requirements: 200m long, 80m wide and 8m high assembly area

    The overall assembly line consists of: suspended accumulation conveyor line, cargo box line, ground exterior line and OK line, performance test line, sealing test and PDI line, auxiliary branch line and corresponding auxiliary auxiliary lifting mechanism

    Structurally speaking, the electric logistics express vehicle has a simple structure and relatively few assembly process steps, but its assembly time is relatively high in order to meet the market demand and the stability control ability of the pipeline. Zhejiang Aimas has a very rich experience in the design and manufacture of electric vehicle assembly lines. The general-purpose tooling design and flexible assembly line are your first choice.