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Industrial 4.0 times the future intelligent life will bring a new experience
Date:2016-08-01 00:00:00 Click2320

Electricity to be eliminated?

Online talent often have this experience: a colourful option on the web but can't find you want to find the money. "4.0" industrial era, the troubles will disappear. "Factory" concept is no longer a mass production assembly line workers that simple, shopping experience will be what customers want, what factory is production, and delivery soon.

In 4.0 "industry", the future of smart factory can implement mass customization production, highly flexible production content. Consumers can even bypass electric business platform contact the manufacturer directly, generate orders according to individual needs. As a result, the existence of electricity value will be discounted.

But, after all, the factory is a factory, in addition to personalized custom services, also need to maintain production and mass production. 4.0 "industry" is to solve the complex problems.

The factory of the future, may be widely used in the CPS technology, namely "information physical system", which contains a EGrain intelligent achievements, namely "electronic grain". This size and millet in the similar equipment, equipped with processors, sensors, antenna, batteries and other components. Embedded with the electronic grain artifacts, will be able to contain all the information needed in production process, and can to intelligent information processing, and then transmitted to other systems. That is to say, through electronic grain, between machine and the machine will be able to communicate, to optimize the whole production process.

An artifact needs to further processing, for example, it will use its own IP in the CPS system "post" : then who can work! You need right away! If a machine reply said: "I can be processed, but have to wait for half an hour, the workpiece will automatically contact another machine. This kind of information in physical systems, let the machine, tool and workpiece to realize self decision, to deal with in the production process of all kinds of complicated situation model, is the so-called "M2M", namely, machine to machine.

So, when the machine can be interactive "propaganda", workers have sense? Don't worry, in the future, the factory is still in a central position. Always hard to avoid any production process, the defects, highly qualified workers responsible for eliminate the defect was detected. In fact, new technology and new tools will provide workers with unimaginable play space, people in larger extent, become a leader and coordinator of the factory.

The future life more "cloud"

Now, "cloud logistics" concept of "cloud computing" is, in the "4.0" industrial era, "cloud" more will be everywhere.

Such as the most common toilet, public toilet entrance coin place equipped with counter and networking opportunities for brake, wash one's hand sanitizer container record will be equipped with the residual amount of sensor chip, how many paper towels sensors will show the remaining, even the dosage of each bathroom toilet paper can real-time monitoring... All information will be included in the Internet, and uploaded to the cloud, and real-time display to the procurement staff on handheld devices, and can realize and grocery stores data exchange. In this way, the toilet will keep good health standards, also let buyers work more targeted. ??

Intelligent household life also in the future will be. Mobile and cloud connection, can directly control for home appliances, furniture, etc. According to the principle of "distributed systems", the "information physical system" in all parts of the can also communicate and independent decisions. ??

Temperature sensors, for example, automatic command air conditioning and central heating system, and combining with the moving object sensor to judge whether a room someone, thus decided to switch to save energy. Winter or summer, the sensor can according to master the distance and speed of the mobile phone from autonomic computing time, air conditioning and cooking grinding coffee in advance to confirm the time.

In "4.0" industrial era, therefore, all connected, the virtual world and the physical world, "cloud" is everywhere, thus greatly optimized decision-making process and resource utilization information collection. Of course, these help you to carry out intelligent life service is not free. In the future, rather than selling products as sell is service.

Vacation "said go go"

"4.0" industrial era not only gave rise to intelligent production, will also bring brand-new management philosophy. "4.0" industrial era, job autonomy is stronger, more efficient, more flexible holidays.

For example, in southern Germany's Stuttgart airport throughout the day, open all year round, but winter and summer passenger volume difference is very big, also has the utilization differences in one day. So according to the concept of "4.0" industrial design at the airport more flexible employment system. Employees can be one in the winter season and many, and by performance cash bonuses, enjoy the value of the flexible employment system created benefits.

In the first years after the implementation of this system, the Stuttgart airport productivity is growing rapidly. The original airport for overtime pay subsidies every year nearly 10 million euros, now is to keep high productivity, also saved some overtime.

4.0 management idea and similar to a decentralized system, industrial don't favor centralized management allocate, and more emphasis on decentralized autonomous decision-making. For example, Germany's second-largest airline air Berlin afternoon there is a plane flying from Frankfurt to Berlin, the evening to on-site maintenance. According to the general centralized approach, it should be recognized by the headquarters in Berlin have appropriate maintenance tools, parts and technical workers. However, with more than 150 aircraft flight mission more than 300 times a day, air Berlin, once the flight change, will meet great challenge in terms of maintenance.

"4.0" industrial decentralized management theory can help airlines for more efficient arrangement, will be the decision-making from headquarters to each plane. Independent aircraft can contact the local airport, asking whether there is a corresponding tools and workers, if missing, the plane immediately contact other flights, let it took the required parts, by the way, in order to finish the maintenance task of the day.

In this way, the plane form an information between physical system, greatly improved the flexibility and ability to deal with complex situations. By the calculation, in this way, use less air Berlin every year five planes will have hit the year mission, cost savings of more than 60 million euros.

"4.0" industrial is far more than these, of course, complex, but in the end, the goal is the "intelligent" capitalized bold.