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Industrial 4.0 era, the enterprise how to use the CRM implementation pattern change
Date:2016-08-01 00:00:00 Click2384

At present, the global economy is in the great wave of change, for manufacturing, the German industrial 4.0 is put forward, the Internet industry, the United States and China, are vigorously promoting the "made in China 2025". It is imperative to realize the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. Our government put forward to support enterprises to promote traditional intelligence mode change, actively promote the transformation and upgrading, informatization construction road. Intelligent manufacturing contains a wide range, intelligent products, intelligent equipment, intelligent factory management, research and development of intelligent, smart, intelligent service, and so on. And in the process of the model transformation, the introduction of a CRM (customer relationship management system), is an important and indispensable link. Because CRM can help enterprise in the informatization mode on the road to change, go more smoothly.

Pattern change direction

4.0 era, in the industrial enterprise patterns change, involving many links, such as the establishment of the automated multi-layered storehouse, the establishment of flexible automatic production line, manufacturing execution system of carding, the application of Internet software and hardware system, and so on, which can realize the enterprise information system and automation system integration, and support enterprises to carry out intelligent transformation. And the introduction of CRM, and help enterprises to build the information in the intelligent decision-making, up to the important role of get twice the result with half the effort. Will introduce a best CRM (Zoho), able to record all the requirements of customers comprehensively, account to track the whole process of follow up customers, which can be anywhere at any time, clearly know the customer to the product, to distribution, logistics and storage requirements. This kind of customized production and distribution of information resources, the main profit model will be the future manufacturing enterprise.

How to model change
4.0 in industrial era, the traditional manufacturing enterprises will enter the personalized intelligent model era, "from the customer to create the" new business models will become the mainstream of The Times. "From the customer to make" means that customer directly in the enterprise own marketing platform, up and down in the information system based on industrial 4.0 support, the company received orders for the personalized needs of customers, and then rapidly to carry on the design, procurement, manufacture, shipment, until the product delivery to the customer, and after-sales service. So the circulation cost saved, accounted for 40% of the traditional enterprise. And the CRM (Zoho) introduction, can carry on the unified format for all customers to the enterprise mass storage, can also according to different rules, classify customers. So you can have a purpose of all customer data on data analysis, and some conclusions. According to the conclusion that can be personalized, implement lift customer appetite for marketing activities, so as to achieve the purpose of customer orders actively, in order to increase the sales of the enterprise, to realize the rapid development of the enterprise.