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Intelligent a smart mattress industry trend
Date:2016-08-01 00:00:00 Click2438

Intelligent almost become the development trend of the whole household building materials industry, the trend is now extended to the mattress industry. On September 10th the upcoming furniture fair in Shanghai, xi rimmon, Mlily dreams lily separately announced that it would launch a mattress product (related news: xi rimmon, dreams lily Shanghai exhibition with push cloud system), the mattress industry in an intelligent fashion.

, according to sources with publicity xi rimmon, Mlily dreams lily's forthcoming intelligent mattress products, the core is to the sensing technology and the application of the cloud. Xi rimmon healthy sleep system hard and soft integration through the use of intelligent mattress sleep physical examination, the cloud diary, sleeping system to monitor the quality of sleep, and other functional modules and help. Mlily dreams lily intelligent mattress has to sleep, vital signs, sleep quality monitoring function, and can according to the historical data suggest sleep sleep. At the same time, still can real-time monitoring information others sleep, for the elderly, children, patients and other specific people sleep monitoring management.

Xi rimmon exclusive marketing vice President Chen in the conference c. said: "to use the cloud technology to monitor the customer's sleep and function of data processing is the foundation of the intelligent mattress, xi rimmon upcoming intelligent healthy sleep system can provide far more than that, and the future are more likely to be on the basis of forming a new business model." Participation Mlily dreams lily product research and development of Shanghai and jie medical technology co., LTD., head of technology said in an interview with phoenix household exclusive sensing technology and cloud technology has been widely used abroad in the field of health care, and is still on the mattress products the first generation product, the future on the basis of the accumulation of user data and mining, through and medical fields, can provide users with the possibility of more. For the future development process, the head is cautious emphasizes: the technology is still in its infancy, the first step needs to provide clear value to consumers, the entrance of the occupation of the consumer, formation, on the basis of data accumulation, can talk about further development.

Media said in 2014 the first year for the smart home, xi rimmon and Mlily dreams lily intelligent exploration for mattress products, on behalf of the current development of smart home, intelligent terminal products. On the other hand, Google, Microsoft, apple, samsung and other technology companies is to explore and try. In 2014, Google's $3.2 billion acquisition of smart home company Nest Labs; The apple worldwide developers conference HomeKit intelligent household applications; Samsung acquisition intelligent household startups Smart Things; Tech giants through frequent integration, with the hope of building intelligent household system, and gradually try to some basic hardware is blended in among them. In the future can be predicted, household building materials product also will be the important part of the system.

Intelligent in household building materials industry, although at present has become a boom, but in fact enterprise is not enough to explore possibility of smart home. According to the years all the people in the building materials exhibition can see, a lot of intelligent kitchen, toilets, intelligent furniture, etc., the results only focus on product part intelligent function research, scattered and lack of systematic, even there are a lot of the so-called "smart function" is simply automation, far from developed intelligent can provide consumers with the core value of the product. In this regard, household building materials enterprises also lags far behind home appliance enterprises. Beautiful intelligent household strategy conference this year, the beautiful explicitly put forward the strategy of "1 + 1 + 1", namely "a wise steward system + a + a M - M - Smart interactive community BOX management center", utilizing the means such as the Internet of things, cloud technology, create "air stewards wisdom", "nutrition wise steward", "water health wise steward", "housekeeper" energy security wisdom and intelligence services sector, to speed up the layout iot household market. As you can see, the beauty in exploration based on the intelligent electrical appliances product function, have been trying to build enterprise own "smart home system.

From the current "smart home" the overall trend of the present, whether it is based on the function of the product itself intelligence research and development, and enterprise integration of its own products, set up independent intelligent systems, or in the future as the hardware support, integrate science and technology by the great idea of giants, intelligent household industry chain currently lives in the attempt on the breadth and depth of the industry, has a huge space. In the current Chinese traditional household building materials industry competition is intense, environment for the development of deceleration, smart home is a blue ocean. This requires household building materials enterprises have long-term vision and a high degree of strategic awareness, to embrace the smart home era.