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Service consciousness

Pre-sale service

Before signing the contract, our company will dispatch professional planning engineer team to communicate with the customer, sit in our customers' shoes, and provide the most proper solution.

On-purchase service

After signing the contract, our company's design team will design and complete the general drawing of the project for confirmation as soon as possible; during the production, our company will control the quality in the whole production. In the site installation and commissioning stage, our company will actively communicate and coordinate with Party A upon the related problems in the process of construction.

After-sales service

Firstly, we will carry out on-site training, and make the customer skillfully master the maintenance principle of the system, and solve the common problems. Secondly, we will provide one year warranty, i.e. free maintenance during the warranty (except the force majeure and human factors); In addition, we will take measures through remote maintenance platform when receiving a repair service at first, if it is required to go to the site, we will make the technical service response within 2 hours and solve related technical problems at the site within 24 hours.

Callback service

We will callback twice a year during the warranty, the after-sales service team shall be responsible for carrying out follow-up service to the equipment produced and installed by our company. After the warranty, our company will keep contact with the user, dispatch the special staff to inspect on a regular basis and the users can rest assured to use our company.