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MES System

MES system is an execution system in the production process of the manufacturing enterprise, and a production information management system for execution layer of the workshop in the manufacturing enterprise. MES system is able to make optimal management of the whole production process from order release to product completion through information transmission. When real-time events occur in the plant, MES system is able to make response and report in time and apply current accurate data to instruction and processing. Such a rapid response to state change should make the MES system able to reduce activities without additional value inside the enterprise and effectively guide production and operation process of the plant to enhance capacity of the plant in delivery in time, improve circulation performance of materials and raise production return rate.

MES system is the bond of information integration for smart factory, and the basic technical means to implement the strategy of enterprise agile manufacturing and realize the agile production in the workshop. This system can provide a quick response, flexible and refined manufacturing environment to the users, and help enterprises to reduce costs, delivered promptly, and improve the quality of product and service quality.