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Automated manipulator of the production line

The solution configuration:

  • A set of manipulator

  • A set of manipulator clamp

  • A set of travel guide

  • A set of spin test platform

  • A set of fixed measuring platform

  • A set of test equipment

  • A set of control system

  • A set of safety system

    Solution advantages:

    • More economical: Based on the stock of machine tool or modification of newly purchased machine

    • More convenient: All production lines turnkey project, one-stop delivery

    • More efficient: Stably achieve 24 hours of continuous production and online inspection

    • More flexible: Flexibility design of the layout of the whole system

    Value of the solution:

    • Reduce more than 75% of the staff

    • Improve more than 25% of the production capacity

    • Improve the quality of the product significantly

    • No industrial injury

    Typical application:

    • Automobile industry

    • Auto spare parts industry

    • Motorcycle industry

    • Mechanical working industry

    • Electronics IT industry

    • Plastic industry