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Zhejiang anmax Intelligent Equipment Co, Ltd is an employee-owned demutualization enterprise changed from "Fareast Tiema Automation", it has been engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of automation equipment since establishment in 1992, the company has become the most competitive automation equipment manufacturing supplier at home and abroad, and the leader of the automation industry. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning as well as technical services of complete set of automated assembly line, automatic assembly and testing equipment, automatic stereoscopic warehouse, special machine, assistant mechanical arm, automatic control system and system integration The company provides industrial 4.0 system technology solutions to our customers and has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication based on independent core technology and system integration advantages, it is an excellent high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise.

Qualification patent

Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise, with more than 90 patented technologies, relying on strength


From 1992 to the present, we will eventually be great

  • June 1993

    Mr.Zhang Zhen,The member of China light industry machunery association and director of zhejiang lighting association was crate TaiZhou fareast tiema industry co.,LTD

  • Tiema Automation takes the lead in developing electronic energy production line,and collaborate with zhejiang sunshine group company,has successfully developed the fiest energy saving lamp aging line.and own invention patent.

    August 1994
  • September 1995

    Successfully develop lamp tube ahing line,cementation line,a new generation of complete sets of equipment in the energy-saving lamps application across industries with zhejiang sunshine group company.

  • Full sets machines of Tiema automation co.,ltd was exported to Indonesia for the first time in China,at march with same year,settle 10000m2 area in the scientific research and production base.

    February 1996
  • February 1997

    Tiema automation first successfully manufacture complete sets of air conditioning equipments with 714 factory in Nanjing for Haier manufacturing,to advance in air conditioning system area.

  • Duth PHILIPS North Korea chooses Tiema automation energy saving lamp prosuction line.

    May 1998
  • February 1999

    A new generation of electronic energy automatic detection aging line successfully developed,occupy the market rapidly,80% of energy-saving production enterprises use Tiema automaion's line.In May 1999 obtain full sets line orders from GE china company.

  • Tiema obtained ISO9001 international quality management system certification.

    March 2000
  • May 2000

    Tiema create a full automation spring mattress production line and the first table roller type Simmons edge enclosing machine, to subvert the original Simmons production process.

  • Tiema enterprise affirmed by Zhejiang science and technology board for small and mid-sized science enterprise.

    June 2001
  • August 2002

    PHILIPS Poland factory,India factory chooses full sets lamp equipments with Tiema automaition factory.

  • Tiema automation factory cooperate and development with Australia SLEEPEEZEE for mensimmons mattress line exports to the United States,Australia and other countries.

    May 2004
  • July 2004

    Tiema strong into the lighting field of energy-saving lamps, create Zhejiang depth Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. and Hongkong Kankan group joint venture 50 million.

  • Tiema Automation company pass and obtain the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

    July 2005
  • August 2005

    Tiema automation already cooperate with international well-known enterprise like OSRAM,PHILIPS,GE,establishen long-term cooperative relations.With constant innovation concept,Tiema automation has their steadfast footprints more than 30 countries in the world.

  • Comprehensive developed and occupy the market in India and the Middle East.

    January 2006
  • March 2007

    Succeed triturate automatic spiral tube bender,automatic vent exhaust machine.

  • Tiema automation obtain Toshiba(China)and Toshiba(Thailand)for assembly order.

    May 2008
  • October 2008

    Zhejiang Anlu cleaning machine Co. washing machine full set of production and a full set of production line generator.

  • Automatic assembly line has successfully developed and obtain more than ten patent,overturned thoroughly the artificial assembly history,automatic assembly into the new era.

    July 2009
  • September 2009

    Tiema automation obtain production orders from German OSRAM.

  • Tiema Automation got production line order from Panasonic Japan,meantime Tiema Automation built 5300m2 new factory,researching automatic SMT machine and automatic component inserting machine,ect.

    February 2010
  • June 2010

    Successfully research automatic CFL assembly machine and it with 20pcs national patent,3pcs invention patent,becoming China's first.

  • Tiema Automation manufacture motor train inspection production line for North motor Train Company,Tiema beginning step into high speed rail inspection field.

    May 2010
  • 2011

    Gain"National High Technology Enterprise"honorary title.

  • Successfully researching automatic LED assembly machine and gain series invention patent.With years of research and development of automatic LED bulb production line.

  • 2013

    Successfully redearching soft mattress automatic spraying production lines.

  • Passed through certification of national high-tech enterprises in reexamine, "Tiema Automation" won the municipal famous trademark.

  • 2015

    Designed the first set intelligent mattress production line and place in operation based on intelligent times of the cyber physics system, internet of things and the internet.

  • Actively participate in the national “Belt and Road” project and undertake the construction of the Serbian lighting factory project

  • 2017

    Started the construction of a new 50-mu automated production R&D base

  • Actively explore the “Belt and Road” project, undertake the construction of the Serbian lighting factory project, the new energy vehicle project, and the Pakistan new energy vehicle project.                Uzbekistan's new energy vehicle project, Egypt's new energy bus project, Indonesia, Turkey mattress project, etc., constantly strive to create great!



Over the past 20 years, the Tiema brand has been adopted by numerous outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises, and become a part of their perfect structure.

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